Electronic Fingerprinting

You don’t have to purchase livescan equipment in order to have your applicants electronically fingerprinted!

Electronic Fingerprinting Inc, is a livescan service organization that can provide both technicians and equipment to meet all of your electronic fingerprinting needs. We offer mobile service to your location to fingerprint your applicants or can schedule them to have their fingerprints taken at our location.

Electronic Fingerprint Capturing & Submissions

We take your prints electronically with our Live Scan system and submit them to Florida Dept Of Law Enforcement- FDLE /FBI and electronically submit them for a level 2 background check. Your results are processed within 24-72hours.  Only certain industries qualify for this service. Click here for more information.  

Electronic Fingerprintings Benefits

This livescan process produces a lower error rate and crystal clear prints. A great alternative to messy ink prints.