Frequently Asked Questions…

What is Livescan Fingerprinting ?

Answer: Livescan fingerprinting is a inkless electronic fingerprinting process. It replaces the most traditional method of ink and paper. Another term is called Electronic Fingerprinting.

How does the process work ?

Answer: A trained certified Technician will scan your fingerprints using a livescan machine. Your prints are then sent via electronic transmission to FDLE (Fla Dept. Of Law Enforcement) for your level 2 background processing. Once completed (normally within 24-72hrs) your background clearance is then forward to the specific state agency or employer whom you are being fingerprinted for.

Do I need to schedule an appointment ?

Answer:  Although appointment are preferred which can be scheduled online, Walk ins are welcomed. The fingerprinting process takes about 5-10 min. at our location.

What do I need to bring ?

Answer: You will need to provide the following : A valid government issued ID, such as driver license or state issued ID.  No photo copies will be accepted.  Fingerprinting Information form, Livescan request form or any documentation showing the specific state agency and/or company being fingerprinted for. Payment for fingerprinting service.

What are your fee(s) ?

Answer: Our fee(s) range from $57.00 to $95.00. For specific fee(s) per. specific state agencies please contact our office at 407-208-0944.

Can I submit my fingerprints electronically out-of-state ?

Answer: No, we only provide livescan services within the state of Florida.

Are you able to submit my photo(s) with my fingerprints if required ?

Answer: Yes, we do have the capability to collect & submit photo(s) as required by the specific Fla state agencies as part of the Clearinghouse program.

Does your location parking  ?

Answer: Yes, assigned parking is provided for Electronic Fingerprinting customers behind our building. Entrance is around front.

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