According to Florida law, many professions are required to have all employees fingerprinted prior to being placed in the workforce. If you are an employer in any of these industries and you do not require your workers to be fingerprinted, hefty fines may be levied and the state may seize your business or professional license.

The full statutes may be pulled up at the Florida Senate’s website here.

Who must be Fingerprinted by law:

  • Seaport Workers: Fla. Stat. 311.12(3)a
  • State Lottery Employees: Fla. Stat. 24.108(4)
  • State Treasury & Finance Workers: Fla. Stat. 110.1127(2)
  • Positions providing care to Children: Fla. Stat. 110.1127(3)a
  • Positions providing care to the Developmentally Disabled: Fla. Stat. 110.1127(3)a
  • Positions providing care to the Elderly: Fla. Stat. 110.1127(3)a
  • Cigarette Distributors, Wholesale Dealers, or Exporters: Fla. Stat. 210.15(1)e
  • Positions within Indian Reservations for quasi governmental agencies and law enforcement: Fla. Stat. 285.18
  • Out of State applicants for a Florida Drivers License: Fla. Stat. 322.08(2)e
  • Ship and Yacht brokers and sales people: Fla. Stat. 326.004(6)e
  • Owners, Directors, CFO’s and Volunteers of substance abuse service providers: Fla. Stat. 397.451(1)b
  • Non-Profit or Church group providing substance abuse counseling: Fla. Stat. 397.451(1)b
  • Nursing Home Workers: Fla. Stat. 400.215(2)b
  • Licensed Family Foster Home, Child Placement Agencies, and Residential Child-Caring Agency Workers: Fla. Stat. 409.175(6)c
  • Farm Labor Contractors: Fla. Stat. 450.33(8)
  • Physicians and Health Care Practitioners: Fla. Stat. 456.039(4)a
  • Electrical Contractor Employees: Fla. Stat. 489.5185(1)c
  • Fire Alarm Installers and Contractors: Fla. Stat. 489.5185(1)c
  • Renewing Health Care Provider Licenses: Fla. Stat. 459.008
  • Nurses: Fla. Stat. 464.009
  • Security Guards: Fla. Stat. 493.6105
  • Athletic Agents: Fla. Stat. 468.453(2)d
  • Property Appraisers: Fla. Stat. 475.615(3)
  • Real Estate Brokers, Sales People, and Schools: Fla. Stat. 475.175
  • Mortgage Lenders: Fla. Stat. 494.0061(3)
  • Drug, Cosmetic, and Household Product Salespeople: Fla. Stat. 499.63
  • Home Solicitors, Door to Door Sales: Fla. Stat. 501.022
  • Securities Dealers: Fla. Stat. 517.12(7)
  • Title Loan Lender: Fla. Stat. 537.004(2)
  • Secondhand Metal Dealers: Fla. Stat. 538.09
  • Pari-Mutuel (Horse Racing) permits: Fla. Stat. 550.054
  • Explosives Manufacturing, Distribution, and Use: Fla. Stat. 552.092
  • Money Transmitters: Fla. Stat. 560.205
  • Alcoholic and Tobacco Distributors: Fla. Stat. 561.68
  • Insurance Agents, representatives, and adjusters: Fla. Stat. 624.34
  • Bail Bond Agents and Runners: Fla. Stat. 648.355(4)
  • Domestic Guardians: Fla. Stat. 744.3135
  • Private school, owners, operators, and volunteers: Fla. Stat. 1002.42(2)b
  • Public School Teachers, substitute teachers, and assistants: Fla. Stat. 1012.32

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