Electronic Fingerprinting Capturing

Saves Time – Most likely the biggest advantage offered by this service. It cuts processing time from 3-8 weeks down to 24-72 hours. The reason for the dramatic reduction of time is that the system immediately transmits your fingerprint data directly to your State Department of Law Enforcement and on to the FBI rather than manually sending the fingerprint cards through the mail so that a person can analyze your prints. The FBI and FDLE system will automatically process your prints and return any matches or problems to the processor.
Specific Needs- If you need fingerprints for, employment , adoptions, foster care, business license, state required name changes, etc. It is done faster by the biometrics method.




Reduced Error Rate – If there are any errors or mis-prints, you will know automatically. You will be required to be re-printed immediately. No need to wait for the cards to be sent back to you, just come back to the fingerprint processor, and get re-printed at no additional cost.

Convenience – There is no mess of ink all over your hands or clothes, you simply press your fingers to a sanitized glass plate, wait a few moments, and you are done.

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