Service vs Buying

If you are considering purchasing or leasing live scan fingerprinting equipment and are unable to  afford the expense. you may still be able to have your applicants, employees, or volunteers screened via electronic fingerprinting at little or no cost.

Our live scan fingerprinting service allows organizations to have their applicants electronically fingerprinted without having to purchase the live scan equipment, train employees to use the system.

Many potential buyers do not take into account all of the costs of the equipment, salary of operator, continual & inital training.

Utilizing a service organization can save you tens of thousands of dollars. We provide the trained technicians, equipment, and technical knowledge to meet and exceed your needs.

We get compensated by either the company we are doing the fingerprints for or by the applicants who are being fingerprinted. For example, one large educational client has their employees and select students going into restricted access programs to be fingerprinted. The institution is billed for the employees who are printed and requires the student to pay our company directly.

Many organizations currently use this service. If you organization will process less than 4,000 applicants per year you could save tens of thousands of dollars the first year alone.  If you process more than that you can still save thousands over the life of the equipment and save your organization the hassle of having a separate fingerprinting department.






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